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Castel del Monte

Duration: 2h

Presentation: Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, great cultural reformer of the Middle Ages, an emperor who loved culture, art, science, but also a distinguished statesman, legislator, polyglot and… lady killer! Around ten years before the end of his life, coming back from the Holy Land, he decided to have his most beautiful castle erected: the building that would become the symbol of his power for the eternity. A castle with a unique shape, an immutable projection, no matter from what direction you look at it, a triumph of octagons, geometrical shape connected to the medieval religious symbolism, the only universal language of that time. Still today scholars discuss about the aim of this building, which was included in the Unesco World Heritage List in 1996.
Itinerary: Well, it’s hard to unleash creativity while planning this itinerary: it’s not a town, it’s only a monument, therefore all visitors must follow the mandatory itinerary inside the castle. Before getting in, it’s possible to have a stroll around the building in order to admire the view from the hill. If there is enough time and if the guests don’t mind walking 15 minutes uphill through the woods, it is possible to reach the castle from the parking lot on foot. Otherwise, there’s a bus service which costs 1€/person. Inside the castle, it’s possible to explore the inner courtyard, some of the rooms and towers both on the ground floor and on the upper floor.
Price: € 130.
Not included in the price: entrance fee (it often changes depending on temporary exhibitions, most of the time it is from 7€ to 10€). Shuttle bus from and to the parking lot costs 1€/person.

Castel del Monte 2 - Puglia Tour Guide
Castel del Monte - Puglia Tour Guide
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